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Volunteer Opportunities

To volunteer in Taman Jurong Register Here.

- Volunteer with Gift of Development. A mentoring program for Youths-At-Risk in Primary School. Plan and Organise learning programs. Teach Youths at Risk life skills - Public Speaking, reading, etc. Mon - Thur (  2.30pm to 5.30pm)

- Volunteer with Gift of Music. Free Music Classes for Youths-At-Risk. Manage the Music Program. Plan and Organise Performances. Learn a musical instrument with the Youths. Mentor and Motivate Youths. Sun (1pm to 3pm)

- Volunteer with the Community Art and Cultural Committee - Taman Jurong Heritage Committee. Work with National Archives, to create the Taman Jurong Heritage Museum. Interview, collect heritage materials, plan, organise and publish.

- Join the Taman Jurong Photography Club - Plan, Organise photography workshops, overseas photography trips and photo competitions.

- Join our Resident's Committee. Be involved in creating a better environment for everyone around you.

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